The Portland Ninja

The Portland Ninja

This post contains spoilers for Life is Strange.

So, one of my readers left a comment on a one-shot story in the Echo Park series, saying that they hoped I’d continue it. That’s not something I’d originally planned to do, and the story doesn’t really feel like it lends itself to a direct continuation, but the wheels in my head started turning, and along came a plot bunny. It may well be that this just ends up being a two-shot series, but… well, we’ll see.

The series begins around three years after an alternate ending to the game where Max sacrificed Chloe – but that didn’t prevent the storm from destroying Arcadia Bay. She and Kate are sharing an apartment in Portland, wrestling with the horrors in their pasts, and their feelings in the present. Meanwhile, Max is trying to use her rewind power to help as many people as she can, in her guise as the Portland Ninja.

Here’s the current list of stories; you can also check out the series on AO3.

  • Buck Rogers (posted) Kate's PoV as she gives us some backstory on the day she and Max finally admit their feelings for each other.
  • Flash Gordon (posting chapters) Primarily Max's PoV as the Portland Ninja acquires a deadly adversary.

This post's image was taken from the Portland Ninja School (yes, it's a real thing!)