This post contains spoilers for Life is Strange.

Buck Rogers was the breakout single for Feeder, so I didn’t want it to end up being nothing but a title for one of my Life is Strange stories inspired by Echo Park. I’d recently read a fic with Max still using her powers long after the events of the game; doing my own take on that scenario seemed like a good fit for the heroic character of Buck Rogers. But, to justify Max continuing to use her rewind, she would need to believe that it wasn’t responsible for the storm, and that’s what led me to a world where she sacrificed Chloe, but that didn’t save Arcadia Bay.

Of course, every superhero needs a sidekick – or, at least, someone to run them a hot bath and fix them some comfort food after a hard day of saving the world. Kate seemed the obvious person to help Max through her nightmares and, as it turned out, she insisted on narrating the story. You can read her tale on AO3 here: Buck Rogers.