This post contains spoilers for Life is Strange.

This series is a spin-off from one of the stories in my Echo Park anthology. It’s set in the alternate timeline where Chloe is disabled; initially this was because I wanted to write a Max/Victoria story using the very different starting dynamic there, but soon grew to explore their interactions with Chloe and then Kate. I ended up having a bunch of additional ideas which either didn’t really fit into the original story I wanted to tell, or would have pushed the rating beyond the ‘T’ I want to restrict the Echo Park anthology to.

Here’s the current list of stories, you can view the series on AO3 here: Chemistry

  • Oxygen (posted) Max and Victoria build a relationship together, and a friendship with Chloe.
  • Hydrogen (posted) Victoria relates the story of her summer romance in London.
  • Buckminsterfullerene (posted) Chloe explains just what her chair means to her.
  • Promethium (posted) The Scooby Gang of Blackwell solve the Mystery of the Dark Room.
  • Osmium (posted) Chloe feels left behind, her parents are overwhelmed.
  • Ozone (posting chapters) Max, Victoria, and Chloe become ever closer.
  • Gold (posted) Christmas/New Yer special
  • Uranium (planning) Friendships evolve as Chloe's condition worsens
  • Lead (in progress) The girls deal with Chloe's passing.
  • Lutetium (just an idea) Summer in Paris.