So, it turns out that today is International Fanworks day 2017; somehow I missed the memo. I read an awful lot of fanfic, but when it comes to writing it I’m more of a dabbler – at least until lately. Since I played Life is Strange last year, I’ve been working on a series of fics based off it. I’ve mostly been doing this to ward off the plot bunnies which were trying to gnaw into the base of my skull, and didn’t have any particular desire to actually release anything to the public.

It turns out that AO3 are doing a short fanworks challenge, and their prompt actually matches up with one of the short stories I’ve been working on. I decided to polish it up and get it posted, so you can read the first story in my Echo Park anthology on AO3 here: Purple. It's just a bit of halloween silliness with the girls cosplaying as characters from RWBY – I hope you enjoy it.

This post’s image was adapted from work by ex-m on DeviantArt.