This post contains spoilers for Life is Strange.

I’ve been writing an anthology of Life is Strange fanfics based on an album (Echo Park by Feeder) but I've been studiously avoiding writing any actual songfic. The story I posted today is about as close as I’m going to get, being liberally sprinkled with excerpts from the song’s lyrics. You can read it on AO3 here: Just a Day.

This is definitely a case of the song inspiring the story; a thoroughly fucked up post-sacrifice Chloe Max (to be fair, I struggle to see post-canon Max as being anything but fucked up, unless a lot of time has passed.) I guess it could also have been Chloe post-Rachel disappearing, but the song is sung to a friend, and Chloe doesn’t appear to have had anyone to fill that role. For Max, the best fit seemed to be Kate, because of course Kate would be there to help Max, even if she couldn’t understand what she was going through. That, and the symmetry that the lyric “And who's gonna catch me when I'm coming down / To hit the ground again” then has.